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Interoom is a turn-based strategy game where player is trapped in a limited area. Player is able to move inside a hexagonal area and use teleportation to reach the other side. Use 4 special items to maximize the chance of surviving. Prevent from colliding with constantly spawned enemy and try to survive as long as possible!

Attack - An automated action which activate only when at least one enemy is close to the player. Each Attack Point can deal 1 HP of damage to each enemy.

Snipe - Choose any enemy to shoot instantly after collected the item. Deal 1 HP of damage to the targeted enemy. Use button "Tab" to navigate through enemy and button "S" to perform shoot. Or Left Mouse Button to select and shoot.

Freeze - Freeze all enemies and spawn point cool down for 3 turns. Player is able to move during the freeze period.

Burst - An instant attack in a "X"-like direction. Every enemy attacked by this will disappear immediately.


- Game Designer / Programmer / Artist

Tong Zhen Siang - Hexcolyte

You can find my Android Rhythm Game here ;)

Google Play Store

- Music



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This game is mistakenly categorized under HTML5 games, but it is actually a Unity game, so I can't actually try it out since I don't have Unity Player!

Sorry for the inconvenience, never knew this game is still around, thanks for pointing it out, I have categorized it as a Unity game.

If you are using Windows, there is a downloadable file for Windows.