You are a lady who search for happiness enter the land of possible.

How to play?
WASD - Move around
E - Interact with objects/statue/shape shift(Only with black and white object)
J - Shoot the gun(if you manage to find one :D)
F - Shape shift to your human form

Special section:
1.) Try to guess what the statues are referencing to? Maybe you can interact with it?
2.) How many cat in the box in the game world?
3.) Win the game to see an awesome hand drawing art!

Please give us some feedbacks!Thank you!

Game Design : Team Pineapplestorm Warrior

Programming : Hexcolyte

Art :Yin (Detailed art), Epicload (The lazy minimalist art)

Music : ND

Font : Scriptina Font Family by Apostrophic Labs

Bullet Shoot sound effects :

Published Apr 19, 2016
Tags2D, Ludum Dare 35
LinksLudum Dare

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