• Move around with WASD for player 1 and Arrows Buttons for player 2.
  • Prevent from hitting by wave from other player and to eliminate your opponent.
  • Two different waves generated by different players will be destroy when collide with each other.
  • More waves can maximize the chance to hit opponent, make sure you always has more waves than your opponent to dominate the battle.

Dwarve Polka Massacre is a mindless player-versus-player top-down shooter game with bouncing waves all over the screen. Two pair of dwarven dancing Polka on the battle ground using their special wave to reduce opponent's hit points until zero for the victory.

Several power-up are available to collect randomly on the battle ground. Two waves from different dwarven will collide and occurs destructive inteference which make both of them dissapear. Dwarven Polka Massacre has no time limit, usually end in several minutes for a match, it use keyboard only and it is fun to play with friends and family.

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